Why The Yellow Pages Are Diminishing

All websites are based on science, but the great ones — those that sell products, change mindsets and generate positive search engine returns — are also works of art incorporating just the right combination of content, keywords, meta-tags and images to tell your story in terms that resonate with human searchers and shoppers, as well as computerized search robots.

Maybe you think you don’t need a website or that your existing, under-performing one can’t be remodeled or replaced. If so, here’s a quick question for you:

Have you noticed how thin the Yellow Pages are getting? Most places, five years ago, Goliath couldn’t rip them in half … now a toddler can do it.

People who need a hardware store, plumber, attorney, boat repair, a real estate agent, any kind of business, even the post office or nearest hospital go to their computer, or pick up their smartphone or tablet, and let their fingers do the walking – on a keyboard.

Which is why telling your story is so important. Basic search engine optimization techniques and submission of Google site maps in every website is necessary, but you also need to focus on telling visitors who you are.

The New Yellow Pages

It’s a fact, web search engines are the new Yellow Pages, 21st century models. The print version is done. Many people don’t even bring them into the house anymore. Sure, they still generate a little business, but it’s less each passing year and eventually you’ll have to visit the Smithsonian to find a copy.

In the past, it didn’t matter whether you owned a 250,000-square-foot store or operated a small business from your kitchen table, to attract customers you had to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Today it doesn’t matter if you own a website or a social-media page, own a brick-and-mortar store or a kitchen-table mail-order operation; wherever you do business, whether it’s online, offline, or both, you’ve got to have visibility on web searches for your type of business within your local trade area. Without it, you’re not going to get the new customers, sales growth, and increased profit you need to stay competitive.

You must have web visibility and you can successfully accomplish that by telling your story on your site. If you’re not a wordsmith by trade, any sort of content marketing or SEO consultant can help establish the benchmarks so you know exactly what you need to write about to attract new customers. With thorough keyword research and meta tag implementation, you’ll find new traffic in no time.