How To Choose Entryway Lighting

As fall sets in, we’re reminded of the holidays that are quickly approaching. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are the perfect time to show off your home’s decor and make a great first impression among any guests of your home. One of the easiest ways to transform your home decor is with well-chosen lighting placed in the rooms your guests are likely to frequent like the formal dining room or the entryway.

Tuning Up the Entryway – Start with the Porch

Start refreshing your entryway’s decor before guests even enter your home by improving the look and feel of the front porch. Front porch decor may include outdoor wall lighting, a fun and quirky doormat, side chairs, accent tables, a cool doorbell (if you’re not already using Ring) and seasonal elements. With a refreshed front porch, you’re ready to allow guests in your home.

What Kind of Lighting is Best for An Entryway?

choosing entryway lightsTypical styles of lighting fixtures in an entryway or foyer include chandeliers, pendant lamps or flush ceiling lights when there is limited floor-to-ceiling height. Pinterest has come up with some great ideas and tips for each of these lighting styles.


Chandeliers offer elegance and class that will immediately transform your space. You’ll find entryway chandelier designs include elegant materials like crystal or polished glass. This provides a warm glow, exuding luxury and unmatched elegance from other forms of decor.

Pendant Lamps

Similar to a chandelier but not quite as large is a pendant lamp. Pendants, often strung together in multiples, also offer an unapologetic decorative touch that is sure to captivate guests of your space. Try a set of LED pendants in the foyer to really illuminate the room with bright washes of light.

Flush Lights

While some entryways feature tall ceilings, there are others with standard 8-foot or shorter ceiling heights. For these entryways, look to a flush light fixture. These types of lights mount to the base of the ceiling and do not extend far from it. They offer the same amount of light as a chandelier or pendant, only in a smaller package.

Find Congruence in Lighting

Once you have selected the right lighting for your entryway or foyer, consider redecorating the rest of your home with equally stylish choices of lighting. From the bedroom to the dining room, kitchens and living rooms alike, every space can use a refresher. Opt for LED fixtures if energy efficiency is a priority to you and use portable lamps or sconces when you would like to layer the amount of light in any given room.

With the right lighting in place for this holiday season, you’ll be well prepared for entertaining guests and impressing them with your decorations.

If you have recently refreshed the light fixtures in your entryway, let us know how the project went in the comments below.