Elk Grove Real Estate Seeing a Strong Q4

Elk Grove, a thriving suburb of California’s capital city, has seen a recent uptick in home sales. Through the first month of Q4 2019, single-family home sales jumped up by nearly 17%. Compared to previous quarters throughout this year, ELk Grove realtors have noted this is the best.

Where is the Growth Coming From?

Unlike some neighborhoods in the greater Sacramento valley, Elk Grove has a booming economy. New developments, both residential and commercial, are popping up all of the time thanks to the well-to-do economic state of the city. From movie theaters to restaurants and new shops in the Delta shopping complex, Elk Grove is experiencing some much needed growth.

The real estate market in Elk Grove has been on a slight decline over the last few years, so it’s good to see the turnaround finally coming to fruition. According to real estate specialist in the area Melanie Webb, this is the most active the real estate market has been since 2015. Of course, an active real estate market is an indication of larger things to come like an improved national economy and stable political climate. However, it’s tough to determine if those are the core contributing factors to the area’s growth. We also have to consider how federal interest rates on home loans have also significantly declined in the last few months.

We asked Melanie how she’s obtaining new customers in the area, whether she is attracting them or if the growth of the area has sparked their interest. For the most part, Melanie obtains traffic on her website for people looking for Elk Grove homes for sale coming from Google searches, Facebook and other social media networks where she is active. She promotes her listings and within just a few days, she has new clients wanting to see a home in Elk Grove. She also uses an Elk Grove SEO service to try to rank her as high as possible in Google. As long has her pages sit at the top of the popular search engine, she can count on new traffic to find her and hire her as their next real estate agent.

How is 2020 Looking for the Real Estate Market?

With 2020 being an election year, agents have a lot of doubt about just how well real estate will improve. Outside of Northern California and across the country, home sales are not seeing as strong of growth as the state of California. One luxury real estate agent in Sarasota has seen in a sharp decline in sales in 2019. Just this year, she has lost about 20% of the business she had in 2018.

For any real estate agents following along, how is your business doing and how do you feel about 2020? Please feel free to drop a comment below!