Apple Support Calling You?

One of our affiliate sites recently reported the spur of “Apple Support” phone calls to let users of iCloud know that their service has been hacked. Much like the IRS and Social Security scams of the past few years, this iCloud hacking call is yet another scam.

How It Works

For those who have received the call so far, you’re likely familiar with the script. You receive a phone call from an 800 number with an automated message indicating your iCloud account has been hacked and you must call the number back immediately to reach Apple Support. Once a person calls the number for “Apple Support”, they are met with a foreign accent asking for some information. The scam artist then lets the person know their account has been hacked and accessed by people in remote locations. They claim bank information has been accessed so as to scare the victim into wanting to fix the issue immediately. If the victim does express interest in wanting to fix the issue as soon as possible, they are then directed to the senior support technician to resolve the issue by paying “Apple Support” a one-time fee to fix privacy settings.

For those of us familiar with these kinds of overseas scams, this is an easy one to spot for a few reasons:

  • 1. Apple will never call you to inform you of something being hacked.
  • 2. Apple’s actual support is all in the United States, not outsourced to India.
  • 3. Apple’s services including iCloud are very secure and not likely to get hacked.
  • 4. If something really was wrong with your iCloud account, you would know before receiving a call.

What Can You Do?

So you have received an obvious scam call about iCloud being hacked and you’re wondering what you can do? You have a few options. First, and quite frankly the easiest, just hang up and ignore the call altogether. The problem here is that the scammers behind this one are persistent and will keep calling. You can try blocking their number, but it’s likely they will call from another number time and time again.

Hang Up

You can entertain the call to see what they really want. Once they tell you that you are indeed hacked, just tell them you will take your device to the Apple Store. They can’t really say that is a bad move and they can’t do anything to continue the scam with you.

If you know right off the bat that it is a scam, tell them. They will either argue with you or simply hang up. If they try to argue with you, let them know you will report their scam to the police. Whether or not you actually do is completely up to you, but it at least instills the threat in them that you are willing to take legal action against them.

Let us know in the comments if you have received these scam calls and you handled it.