5 Tips to Try for Black Friday Sales

With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s important for marketing experts to use the latest tools and tricks to get their online campaigns ready for the big sales day. This year, Black Friday is expected to drive nearly $7 billion in sales. For a single day, the revenue is astonishing. To take part in that kind of revenue, marketers have to be very smart with their campaigns to make sure they are 1) efficient and 2) profitable.

Here are 5 things to try for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaigns:

1 – Use Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads grew in 2019 and will be a major contributor to online sales this holiday season. With this ad type, retailers show a small thumbnail image, title, description and price information in Google search. The ads are powered by a product data feed in which the advertiser bids on specific elements of the feed. The cost for this type of online advertising is pretty inexpensive and they drive a lot of revenue.

2 – Use Email Segmentation

For retailers who have ran Black Friday campaigns for a number of years, be sure to ping your email subscribers with your sales information. Whether your customers are new or old for this Black Friday, you’ll want to send out promotional emails to them to drive more sales for your business. Be sure to include your top products on sale and as many coupon codes or details about your sale as possible.

3 – Use SEO Leading Up to the Sale

Be certain that SEO is still one of the top strategies in your marketing mix. While there is a lot that you can deo with search engine optimization, one Sacramento SEO expert believes building out landing pages a year in advance will help with sales now. Start by creating a sales landing page for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday event and use a full calendar year to drive authority to it. As soon as the sale comes around in November, your landing page will be outranking most of your competitors.

4 – Use Retargeting

A lot of consumers browse through products before actually purchasing on Black Friday. To keep them informed of your products and sales, use a retargeting strategy to show them ads elsewhere on the internet. This will keep your business top of mind and when the sale starts, they will be lining up at your site. Retargeting is also proven to drive a good advertising ROI and allows advertisers to maximize every ad dollar they spend.

5 – Don’t Forget Bing

Any search-driven marketing strategy you use in Google should be replicated to Bing. Although the traffic is noticeably smaller, Bing can still drive sales for your business. You may also find Bing shoppers are more loyal and can use their data to develop next year’s Black Friday campaign.

Smart digital marketing is key to winning a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. Be sure to use the strategies mentioned here in conjunction with one another to get it right for your company’s sale.