3 Tips to Get Started with Google Ads

As one of the highest converting marketing strategies available today, pay-per-click marketing through Google Ads is easy to get started with in just a few steps. With a little bit of research and testing, you can be well on your way to driving new traffic and leads to your website.

1. Focus Your Intent

Google Ads allows for three different match types – exact, phrase and broad match. Exact includes the exact query a person types into Google, while phrase may contain other words alongside the users query and broad targets any part of the user’s query. When setting up a new campaign, it’s important to not be too broad in the scope of your keywords. For instance, if your main keyword target is Sarasota luxury real estate, you would want to set a match type of exact. If you chose broad for this particular keyword, Google could match to Sarasota, luxury, real and estate as all separate queries. This approach causes advertisers to lose sight of their budget very quickly.

2. Don’t Forget the Settings

Google Ads includes a lot of settings to help you target your exact customer. From demographics to the time of day the ad will be shown to what devices the ads are shown on, you have a wide variety of options. Be sure to review every setting for each campaign to be certain you are targeting the right customer. Once you launch your campaigns, return to the settings every couple of months to make sure the data still rings true for what you have selected. Consider consulting with a PPC agency if you come across any questions.

3. Test Out Automation

Automation is Google’s way of managing the heavy lifting for you. Once you have your campaigns set and ready to go, you may want to consider allowing Google to manage the day to day bidding for you. Google’s machine learning will look to several key points of data to adjust bids, all in favor of improving your most important metrics (conversions, revenue, form fills, etc.). Be careful to jump into too much automation or you will run through your budget very quickly.

If you have recently launched a Google Ads campaign, let us know how it went!